Design is visual process but it is primarily about problem solving. Each project has very different requirements and we take great pride in developing solutions that meet the project criteria every time.

Design is also about collaboration. We believe our design is successful because we place emphasis on knowing the client and feeling confident that we are well informed about their needs, goals and aspirations - as well as their objectives and constraints.

Possibly the only joke involving graphic designers goes something like this...

Q. How many graphic designers does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. Change! What do you mean change?

Not funny? That's probably why there are so few design jokes.

While we may not always like it, at we understand change and realise that concepts sometimes must evolve. We don't believe in unveiling a finished piece and then bracing for either love or shock - we like to consult with our clients throughout the project. They are involved in the design process and we prefer it that way. That doesn't mean committee design - we challenge our clients with creative, well-considered solutions, through ongoing consultation.

With each project we are provided with an opportunity to make a difference to the perception of our client and their brand. We have a proven track record in delivering design outcomes that make the most of that opportunity.