The process of producing design work for our clients can be broken down to a number of steps. While the steps involved in the process may vary slightly depending on the particular project and client, we generally work in the following order.

We will provide estimates for all work to be produced by For any outsourced services that may be required, as soon as project parameters are established we will pursue competitive quotes so that a budget can be agreed to before work commences. Once all parties are confident of project requirements, the Design process can proceed.

Design Brief
We will assess the information provided by the client at the initial briefing stage and respond accordingly. if the client provides a verbal brief we will provide a return brief which outlines objectives and approach. This is provided so the client is clear about aspects of the project to be addressed and in what order of priority.

Design – Concept stage
The concept stage allows for evaluation of all detail mentioned in the briefing as well as any additional considerations added in response. We generally develop many ideas as part of this process. In most instances one final concept will be resolved for presentation, although in some cases two are developed. It is our experience that presenting more than two concepts creates confusion and is therefore counterproductive.

Presentation - Visual stage
We prefer to make a presentation providing hard copy visuals for discussion. Based on the feedback received we either advance to final artwork or work through any design issues raised, providing a second round of visuals (generally electronic) for approval. Once approval of direction is achieved, artwork is finalised in line with prepress requirements.

Finished Artwork will ‘build’ all artwork required for each item so it is ready for reproduction, whether the final use be electronic or printed.

Approval stage
Final copies of each item are provided for checking / sign-off. All Final Artwork is required to be authorised by the client before each item proceeds to production.

Production proofs
If an item is to be printed or a similar production process is involved, the client will be provided with a production proof for sign off.

Production will supervise all production processes to ensure the best quality is achieved at all points in the work flow.

Particular packing or delivery details will be identified prior to the commencement of any production process and delivery will be completed to the Client's requirements.

Where outsourced services are sought, Invoices from will be processed once all associated supplier costs have been received. Invoices will generally be provided within 30 days of job completion (unless progress billing is required). Our terms of trade are 14 days from receipt of Invoice. In most cases, if all project particulars have remained as per the initial brief, the job will be Invoiced as per the initial Estimate. Should project parameters have changed throughout the course of the project, then these will be reflected in the final Invoice. It is generally our aim to provide revised Estimates during the course of the project (should time permit), particularly if project parameters are adjusted and we anticipate that there will be additional costs.