Is e-marketing your problem child?

Roger Nesbitt - 19.12.12

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They're small, often irritating and we battle to stay on top of their constant demands. No, I'm not talking about children, I'm talking about email. Email rarely delights and often weighs us down. That is before we even consider unsolicited mail or
e-marketing. What will make us scroll down? Plain text won't work, even with an offer of millions of Nigerian dollars. Colour and image is a start, a succinct, pertinent message is a help and a well considered design is almost the clincher. But the real key to a quality e-newsletter is having it built professionally and packaged and sent through a purpose built email campaign program. 

What are your emails saying about you?

No doubt you've seen the other ones, you may have even sent one yourself - some coloured text, a jpeg of dubious origin and quality plonked in and 'voila', a direct route straight to someone's junk folder.

If you are sending poorly conceived, repetitive information to your clients on a regular basis, you may well be souring an otherwise promising relationship. Your campaign or e-news should reflect your existing brand style as effectively as your business card or brochure. And because your email campaign or e-newsletter exists in a throng of whining or shouting siblings, you need to make sure your message is bright, clear and ready to be taken into the heart of your target audience. 

At we have established a practical and effective way to develop and deliver your promotional messages along with an array of tools to measure the effectiveness of each campaign. How many clicks, how many individual opens as well as unsubscribes and forwards. And we make sure that each new campaign comes from the same family and not only echoes your brand but strengthens it.

Email news is rarely world changing but, if designed well, it can be a very useful marketing tool that may well assist in feeding the real kids at home.

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