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Discovering hidden gems - A Case Study in Branding

K Burton / B Stevens - 23.05.14

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Over the last two years our studio has been involved in a design opportunity with one of Adelaide’s highly regarded Catholic schools, Rostrevor College. Interestingly our extensive history of work with schools began with the development of the Rostrevor College Annual back in 1988. From this one small project we have gone on to work with over 30 different Colleges in South Australia and continue these relationships in our business today. On this occasion, the task involved the most extensive review we had ever undertaken, with license to consider all aspects of the College’s framework.

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Is e-marketing your problem child?

Roger Nesbitt - 19.12.12

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They're small, often irritating and we battle to stay on top of their constant demands. No, I'm not talking about children, I'm talking about email. Email rarely delights and often weighs us down. That is before we even consider unsolicited mail or
e-marketing. What will make us scroll down? Plain text won't work, even with an offer of millions of Nigerian dollars. Colour and image is a start, a succinct, pertinent message is a help and a well considered design is almost the clincher. But the real key to a quality e-newsletter is having it built professionally and packaged and sent through a purpose built email campaign program. 

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