We provide graphic design services in a wide range of areas. We believe the design process is similar regardless of the final item to be produced, Ultimately we are solving a problem to enable better communication between you and your market. Following is a list of areas we regularly work in. There are others - perhaps you can discover some more for us.

Logo design
/ Corporate identity development
Whether you are starting a new business venture or have a long standing business or organisation that needs an update, we can assist you with a corporate identity review. In some cases this may lead to a complete rebrand while we may recommend retaining your existing style. You may well have many of the right ingredients in place already and just need a professional assistance to regain clarity and consistancy of message.

The application of you Logo or Identity to your organisation's communications and assets is regarded as branding. Our know-how in this area comes from 25 years of establishing and maintaining brand applications for a array of clients and products. You may start with a simple stationery range or launch your brand with myriad of items. Regardless of the size of your company or the extent of your vision we will assist in achieving success.

Publications and print
At de.co we have vast experience in the design and production of printed publications. Whether you are interested in a single page flyer or a 200 page prospectus the same principles of service will apply. We will work through the project with you and turn your information into a well designed piece of communication. If required we will provide in-house or external copywriting and editing to make sure the words are as effective as the visuals.

All publications go through a series of drafts, depending on the size and complexity and we supervise all proofing and printing personally to maintain the best quality from start to finish.

Designing for packaging is something we love doing. That third dimension offers an extra challenge that we embrace and revel in. We have experience in producing packaging for the wine and beer market as well as the food industry, We also have expertise in the development of short-run presentation packages for launches and special promotions.

Signage & Display
Signage takes on many forms. Directional signs, building identification, built signs and vehicle livery are all in the scope of our work. We produce banners, flags and display panels for many of our clients and also have experience in branding interior spaces which ensures your identity is carried through into fixtures, fittings and finishes.

A website is a necessity for businesses today. However, not everyone has a well considered, well constructed and well designed website. Prospective clients can easily fall through the gap between your vision and final product.

Everyone loves stunning visuals and bells and whistles, but if they interfere with the process of sourcing information then there is a problem. Here at de.co we develop websites carefully, in close consultation with our client, with the knowledge that the web experience must be as logical and as simple as possible, for the end-user. Once we have achieved that we produce the stunning visuals and even add a whistle or two.

Information graphics
Communication with text is relativelty easy. The more information you need to impart, the more you write. When it comes to communicating with images It is a little more difficult. Images need to be simple to communicate effectively even if the message is complex.

At de.co we are able to get your message across simply but in an attractive and interesting way. Whether you are producing a report, a powerpoint or keynote presentation an information sheet or a website, we can help you develop a new look, using an old form of communication... images.